Good Luck, Shawn!

Our club leader, Shawn, is leaving for South Korea today, May 29, 2014 for an extended period of time to study at Blackie’s International Baduk Academy and to work at BadukTV. We wish him the best of luck on his journey.

If you wish to follow his progress, he will be updating on his youtube channel (clossius or Shawn Ray), twitter (@clossiussensei) and facebook. He will be updating his facebook the most, so if you want the most up to date information, be sure to give his page a like.

Future meetings will not be affected by this, just with one less member.

MTAC In Love – April 18-20

The Middle Tennessee Go Club will be presenting Go for the third year in a row at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention! Although we will not have a dedicated panel this year, we will be set up in the analog game room to teach convention goers how to play. Even if you have played before, feel free to join us! Any skill or age welcome.

More information is at

As several of the club regulars will be attending, the status of go club on April 19th is uncertain. Please contact one of us if you wish to stop by that day!

Status of Go Club During the Holidays (December 21 and 28, 2013)

Go club is still assumed to be on during the next two weeks, but it will also be done on a basis of how many people can actually make it those days. There should be at least a couple people who can make it weekly, but it is not guaranteed, so if you wish to come during either of the next two weeks, please contact one of us through e-mail or phone/text when possible so we can have people there for your visit.