Triangle Memorial Go Tournament (9/17/11)

The Annual Triangle Memorial Go Tournament is upon us once again.  We’ve all done well there in past years and are hoping to really bring a big group this year.  So, everyone mark the weekend of September 17th on your calendars and get in contact with Alex Panaccione as soon as possible if you’re interested in attending.

When: September 17th
Where: Reedy Creek shelter number 2 in Umstead State Park, North Raleigh, North Carolina
Transportation: As in past years car pool(s) will be arranged for the trip (leaving 9/16 and returning 9/18), so let us know as soon as possible so we can prepare.
Lodging: Friends of Alex’s have generously volunteered to allow us to stay, won’t necessarily be the most luxurious, but it’s free if you would like.
Cost: $20 entry fee, AGA membership is REQUIRED, but can be purchased at the site.
Registration: PREREGISTRATION is required.


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