Meeting Recap (8/27/11)

Wonderful turnout this week.  We had at least 15 people out this week ranging from 28k to 1p.  Many thanks to Anna for coming out and reminding Cloissius just how far he still has to go.


2 thoughts on “Meeting Recap (8/27/11)

  1. It looks like that Nashville has a great GO Club! I am at Jackson TN, between Nashville and Memphis. We too have a great GO Club at Memphis. I went Memphis to play a few times.
    This summer I would like to bring some people from the Memphis Go Club to play with the Mid Tennessee Club players. Especially I would like to meet the chinese 1p player and learn a game from her. Let me know when she will be available on her schedule.
    George Yin, AGA 7d

    • Hi George-

      Great to hear from you. We did have a member of your club make it out to one of our meetings awhile back, but would be happy to have as many of you join us as possible. My contact info is on the “contact us” page, please send me an email or give me a call and we can set it up.


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