How to Play Go

Here are a group of videos created by our club member Shawn (clossius on KGS) on the basics of how to play go. This is a complete crash course for newbies, and a basic understanding of these concepts will quickly get you to the intermediate level.

Lesson 1: Liberties

Lesson 2: Ladder & Endgame

Lesson 3: How to Start a Go Game

Lesson 4: Eyes

Lesson 5: Some Opening Moves

There are additional lessons and game reviews located at Clossius’ Youtube Channel.

Guidelines for Beginners

 *How to begin.

When starting out, You want to start in the corners. It is easiest to make points in the corners, then the sides after that, the center is usually used for fighting. When starting in the corners, you normally want to stick the the 3rd and 4th lines from the nearest walls.

The way to view the lines is…

1st line=dirt

2nd line=losing line, you don’t make nearly enough points fast enough.

3rd line=Territory line/Secure line. This is line the you make your solid points on as well as making your base on. This line is a very solid line.

4th line=Building line. This is the line you want to use when you already have secure positions and want to build it. Or you can also use it to play very fast paced instead of secure, though in the end you will want to come back and settle yourself on the secure line eventually.

 *Where to play in the opening.

Before anything, urgent moves always come first!!

-Open corners first

-Then move along to the sides with extensions or appraoches. Some say that approaching a Komuku (3-4) is bigger than extending along the side so you can prevent the shimari (Corner encloser to the komuku) but this is not an absolute.  It is also said that the biggest side is extending from the shimari, though again, this is not absolute. For begginers it is recomended to not let the opponent have both the shimari and its’ extension.

-Approaches are usually 1 space away from the corner stone, it can be high or low, high being 4th line and low being 3rd.

-Extension are usually 5 spaces away along the side. If your stones are on both sides of the extensions you usually extend on the 4th line, the building line. If you only have one stone on the side of the extension, 3rd line, seucure line, is usually recommended since your opponent may be able to come under and take your points later.

*How to Attack/Defend.

1st-Take/Make the base.

2nd-Surround/Run away.

3rd- Reduce or take/Make eye space.

4th- Take/Make the eyes.

*How to make a base.

Bases are made almost always on the 3rd line, these are the guidlines for the most basics of shapes for making a base.

-When jumping on the 3rd line for the base, however many stones you have +1 and jump that many. For example…

If you have 1 stone, jump “over” two spaces.

If you have two stones, jump “over” three.

3 jumps over 4, and 4 or more jumps 5.